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^ New Hart's Rules: The Oxford Style GuideHowever, variations in the number of dots exist"Meaning-making online: Discourse and CMC in a Language learning community"The latter formula means the sum of all natural numbers from 1 to 100When applied in Polish language syntax, the ellipsis is called wielokropek, which means "multidot"3-, Contents 1 Background 2 In writing 3 In different languages 3.1 In American English 3.2 In British English 3.3 In Polish 3.4 In Russian 3.5 In Japanese 3.6 In Chinese 3.7 In Spanish 3.8 In French 3.9 In German 4 In mathematical notation 5 Programming languages 5.1 HTML and CSS 6 On the Internet and in text messaging 7 Computer representations 8 See also 9 References 10 Further reading In manga, the ellipsis by itself represents speechlessness, or a "pregnant pause"References[edit]


Archived from the original on 11 August 2016^ Kalman, Yoram M; Gergle, DarrenIn writing[edit]^ University of Oxford Style Guide: Hilary term 2016 (PDF)First EditionThere are two commonly used methods of using ellipses: one uses three dots for any omission, while the second one makes a distinction between omissions within a sentence (using three dots:...) and omissions between sentences (using a period and a space followed by three dots:..)This conveys to the reader a focus of the narrative "camera" on the silent subject, implying an expectation of some motion or actionThree dots (one 3-ten rd character) may be used where space is limited, such as in a headerUniversity Libraries University of Colorado at Boulderguillemets hyphen hyphen-minus - question mark ? quotation marks ''"" semicolon ; slash, stroke, solidus / Word dividers interpunct space General typography ampersand & asterisk * at sign backslash bullet caret ^ dagger degree ditto mark inverted exclamation mark inverted question mark komejirushi, kome, reference mark numbersign, pound, hash, octothorpe # numero sign obelus multiplication sign ordinal indicator percent, per mil % plus and minus + equals sign = basis point pilcrow prime section sign tilde underscore, understrike vertical bar, pipe, brokenbar Intellectual property copyright sound-recording copyright registered trademark service mark trademark Currency currency sign currency symbols $ Uncommon typography asterism hedera index, fist interrobang irony punctuation lozenge tie Related Diacritics Logic symbols Whitespace characters In other scripts Chinese Hebrew Japanese Korean Category Portal Book v t e


Note on the Texts ., .: -, 2006For instance, sometimes the ellipsis is used to avoid the complete use of expletivesFourth Canadian EditionIf there is an ellipsis at the end of an incomplete sentence, the final full stop is omitted(1976), Cohesion in English, London: Longman^ dot, dot, dot: how the ellipsis made its mark, Research Impact, Cambridge University ^ McNabb, Cameron Hunt (17 August 2016)In LaTeX, note that the reverse orientation of ddots can be achieved with reflectbox provided by the graphicx package: reflectbox{ddots} yields Bringhurst, Robert (2002)


(.) is also used for awkward silenceRetrieved 9 July 2012).[14]However, some maintain that the use of brackets is still correct because it clears confusion.[9]In news reporting, often associated with brackets, it is used to indicate that a quotation has been condensed for space, brevity or relevanceIn different languages[edit] 08ebffe940

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