Sep. 20, 2018

Draculas Curse Full Movie Hd 1080p

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A team of vampire hunters set out to battle an evil vampire clan in the dark underworld.

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original title: Dracula's Curse

genge: Action,Horror

imdb: 4.7

duration: 1h 47min

tags: When the underworld rises...the hunters are called.

keywords: vampire, boxing, woodenstake, telekinesis, politicalintrigue, crucifix, shotgun, crossbow, machinepistol, revolver, pistol, rifle, referencetoelizabethbathory, gore, blood, vampireslayer, sequel, fema

































A team of vampire hunters set out to battle an evil vampire clan in the dark underworld. At 107 minutes, the least they could have done was offered the editor (if there was one) a pair of scissors! A few other things that might have come in handy 1. a script, 2. a director, 3. some actors (although if there's a half way decent script, I can make do with some wooden actors. 4. an editor, the movie was at least 35 minutes too long. 5. Some decent special effects, I don't know if anyone at "The Asylum" would know what decent special effects or make were. Poor Bram Stoker, he must have been crying out for a stake thru his heart as he spun in his grave or crypt! The movie had know scary scenes nor did it have any kind of atmosphere. The only thing going for it was the adherence old vampire traditions, not being able to go out in the sun, being allergic to wooden stakes etc. Give yourself a break from this kind of junk and go find a decent vampire movie, preferably one made by Universal in the 1930's or Hammer in the 1960's. You'll be glad you didn't waste your 107 minutes on this stinking pile of vampire waste! Although at times some of the acting is a bit stiff and the special effects are a bit lacking, Bram Stoker's Dracula's Curse, the latest release from director Leigh Scott and The Asylum Home Entertainment, is still packed full of enough gun fights, sword fights and vampire action to deliver a "popcorn" roller-coaster ride of a fun movie. In true Scott tradition, the movie is a blend of action, horror, and some comedy. Even with this large a blend, Scott makes sure that one style never overtakes the entire film. The movie will draw comparisons to other recent vampire flicks, such as Underworld and even John Carpenter's Vampires, but also makes sure to add enough new material to carve out a niche of its own. Although Bram Stoker's Dracula's Curse does have some faults, it more than makes up for them thanks to a solid cast, lots of action, and an entertaining plot. The movie is easily one of the best Asylum has release to date, and is probably one of Scott's best (although Frankenstein Reborn remains my favorite). It has a little bit of everything mixed in to bring a movie that has a bit of a "popcorn" feel to it, but manages to keep you entertained. Dracula's Curse is a horror film based on a screenplay by director Leigh Scott. The character of Dracula, of course, was introduced in the novel Dracula (1897) by Irish writer Bram Stoker, but the movie does not draw from the novel. The title of the movie, Dracula's Curse, comes from an alternate title for Stoker's short story, Dracula's Guest (1914), although the movie does not bear any semblance to that story, either. In fact, although Dracula's name is mentioned several times (as Draculea), he appears in only three brief flashbacks. A sequel, Wolvesbayne (2009) was released in 2009. The Nine is the name for an elite vampire hunting team that Jacob Van Helsing (Rhett Giles), great grandson of Abraham Van Helsing, put together to hunt and destroy vampires who persist in feeding from humans. The original Nine were led by Colonel Rufus King (). The other members included four women -- Gracie Johannsen (), Trixie McFly (Rebekah Kochan), Anastasia Ravenwood (Marie Westbrook), and Sadie MacPherson (Sarah Hall) -- and two men -- Rich "Nebraska" Zulkowski (Chriss Anglin), and Jimmy "The Kid" D'Amico (Derek Osedach). The Nine disbanded when vampires and hunters made a pact such that vampires would no longer hunt humans and purebloods and that hunters would no longer kill vampires. When the team is reassembled five years later, it also includes Rick Tattinger (Tom Nagel), who asks to be a part of the team when his girlfriend Christina Lockheart (Erica Kessler) is abducted by Draculea's three vampire brides. Purebloods are the direct descendants of Draculea and one of his vampire brides. Purebloods are not vampires themselves, but their blood provides extreme power to a vampire who drinks it. For this reason, other vampires known as "stalkers" have been hunting purebloods and turning them into vampires in order to dilute their blood so that no vampire clan can become too powerful. Van Helsing uses two 9mm handguns. Colonel Rufus uses an old-school six-bullet field revolver. Gracie uses two submachine guns, one in each hand. Nebraska prefers an AR15 modified assault rifle. Trixie uses a shotgun assault rifle with a stake for a bayonet. Sadie built her own gun, which she describes as "a modified Blackthorne Industries 257, fully-automatic, 50 caliber handgun, nitrogen-cooled to keep it from exploding in my hand. The hardest part was fusing together the nickel alloy barrel to the gas-cooled carbine engine." The Kidd's choice is a shotgun. As Sadie points out to Rick, the guns serve only to slow a vampire down or to create massive blood loss. To destroy the vampire, it must be exposed to direct sunlight, staked through the heart, or decapitated. When Gracie learns that her sister, a pureblood, is missing, she dashes to the bunker where Van Helsing and Rufus are hiding. She demands that the Nine help find her. Rufus knows only that the Stalkers (vampires that hunt purebloods), led by Rafe (Jeff Denton), are turning purebloods again but they don't have Gracie's sister. Rufus concludes that she's being held in Countess Bathorly (Christina Rosenberg)'s lair. Having learned from Alex Devereaux (Sarah Lieving) where Bathorly is hiding, the Nine break in to find both Christina Lockheart and Gracie's sister have been turned into vampires. Rick is forced to kill Christina, and Gracie kills her sister, but bullets don't even slow down the Countess. She's become too powerful. A big fight commences, and Van Helsing is wounded. As he lay dying, Alex decides to turn him. Gracie, now revealed also as a pureblood, offers herself to Bathorly in place of Rufus. In the ending twist, Rufus reveals himself to be Draculea and, through thought-walking, he kills Bathorly. He then explains that he made a deal with the Dark Forces to renounce his identity and live as a man, fighting against vampires, against the plague that he had created. In revealing himself to the others, however, Rufus is returned to his former state and must continue to exist as a vampire. Yes. Leigh Scott plays the vampire character known as "The Old One."


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